Riley Ano – Hit That Jive ft. Dr. Dre

Riley is one of the most talented musicians I’ve had the honor of calling my friend. He mixed these two songs with his college roommate and needless to say, it’s really groovy. I love the opposition of an old-school swinger song fitting perfectly with a Gramatik track. Enjoy



Right On Time (Alex Young Remix) – Skrillex, 12th Planet, and Kill the Noise

I wouldn’t say that I love Skrillex, but I can at least appreciate that he’s good at what he does. This song is pretty good, but this remix makes it a lot better. It’s refreshing to hear some simple trap music come back. Especially in genres like Skrillex’s where it seems that everything’s getting more complicated and over-done. Enjoy


Scars – Phantom

I’ve grown very fond of this track, because the melody is wonderful and her voice is so rich and clean. The drumtrack goes in when it needs to, just to give you more of a groove. I don’t anything about Phantom and can only find this song online, but I know a few other tracks by them like Loveloop and Hearts, and all of them are cool. Enjoy